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Challenges are fun outdoor activities that test our skills.


Most outdoor skills are perishable. Challenges refresh muscle memory, increase hands-on experience, and simulate high-pressure situations. Join the fun and don't let your skills perish!


Navigator Challenge

4 Hours


You’ve already learned navigation using a map, compass, and orienteering techniques, so now it’s time to put your navigation skills to the test! We’ll be placing a series of control points in the woods, like a treasure hunt, and it's up to you to navigate from one to the next to complete your course.

Self Rescue.jpg

Self-Rescue Challenge

4 Hours


When we need fire, shelter, water, or anything to do with emergencies, time is of the essence. Being able to jump into action and know what to do for yourself or others on the trail is crucial. For the Self-Rescue Challenge, each participant faces a series of fun challenges to complete in the least amount of time.

Medic Challenge.jpg

Medic Challenge

6 Hours


You're on a hike and someone falls. In an instant, everything changes - it could be a stroke, heart attack, broken leg, who knows? No matter what it is or whether it’s someone in your group or a hiker you encounter, there’s a person who needs help and you're in a position to step in. The clock starts now!


Night Navigator Challenge

4.5 Hours


Feeling confident with map & compass and ready to take it to the next level? Challenge yourself to a nighttime navigation course where you navigate using only a map & compass under the night sky. It doesn’t get any more rewarding than completing this challenge!


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