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TBP Item Details

Our recommendation for a primary lighter is the Vertigo by Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Lighter which goes for $10 on our site, but a more economical alternative is another lighter made by the Lotus Group.


The Torch-It by Spark, made by the Lotus Group, has a few things going for it that make it a great secondary backup lighter in your pack. The angled flame can make it easier to get a fire started, it weighs slightly less than the Cyclone, and the $5 cost allows someone to buy 2 for the price of 1 Cyclone. It is also refillable and transparent so you can always view the fuel level. However, even though it ignites with a similar piezo igniter, the push button is more difficult to press and it has a dual flame, not a triple flame like the Cyclone. It is a solid economical lighter that comes in 4 colors so using it as a secondary lighter for some variety in your toolbox is a sound strategy. 

Torch-It AMP Lighter by Spark

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