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New Jersey mountain ranges on a blue skies day

Your Home and Community for
Hiking & Backpacking Courses
and Outdoor Challenges


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Happy couple navigating with a compass

Free Monthly Event!

Everyone is welcome
RSVP for details!

Campfire at TrailBound Project Dirt Time event

5pm-7pm Working on skills
7pm-10pm Campfire & good times
Arrive when you're free, & stay as long as you like!

We all get together to hang out by the campfire, work on skills together, find compatible hiking partners, eat good food, make friends, share experiences, and create memories.

TrailBound Project community sharing stories and food around a campfire at night

Meet the TrailBounder Community

TrailBounders in our community have joined us with experiences ranging from
never having hiked before and owning no outdoor gear 
to outdoor experts and search & rescue personnel

"It's courses like these where I've made some great new friends. Now I always have people to hike with at my pace and I've discovered some amazing trails."

- Stephanie Brooks

"I grew up in Queens, so this is all foreign to me. I'm so glad I found you guys!"

- Brian Lee

"How amazing is it that I get to learn this stuff directly from the people who teach it to the search and rescue professionals?"

- Mike Thompson

"Free Dirt Time is the coolest part of the TBP concept. Knowing that I get to connect with Joe, Scott, and all the other TrailBounders around the campfire was all I needed to hear!"

- Linda Morris

"I've taken many courses but nothing ever sticks. The TBP guys teach differently. They connect with you and you walk away knowing it so well you can teach your friends!"

- Michelle Miller


Circle of different color people icons with arms around each other representing a community

We become trained in the skills and carry the gear to help anyone in need we encounter in the woods.

Search & Rescue

Search and rescue personnel in red carrying a stokes basket with a patient in it down a trail.

A percentage of our profits are donated to local wilderness search and rescue teams.


LNT Leave No Trace logo

The wilderness is our playground and we practice LNT principles to ensure the wilderness is there for future generations to enjoy.


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